Garments ERP

Garments ERP

A unique product developed on Axpert Platform that helps counter each and every challenge faced by garments industry. The dynamic nature of the industry, fluctuations in demand, stiff deadlines, rigid quality standards and seasonality of business make usage of technology indispensable. Garments ERP is an integrated solution which streamlines information into one centralized system, that helps you Plan, Execute and Deliver effectively on-time. Its comprehensive Business Intelligence engine generates reports and analytics that enables you with business insights and assist you in informed decision making, at the right time.

Garments ERP covers all the stages of Garment Manufacturing. It streamlines Planning, Production, Finance, Inventory and Purchase, Warehouse, Import & Export processes and documentation to a level where human intervention is minimized and probability of error is eliminated.

Maximize cut to ship ratio

Maximize stock turnover ratio

100% resource utilization

Reduced idle time

Improve profits by 10%

Assured sales growth by 20% without resource addition

100% on-time shipment

Reduced Lead Time – On time delivery ensured

Technology assisted Production Planning

Demand Forecasting and Costing backed by Business Intelligence

Meticulous Analytical Inputs for Resource Allocation

Enhanced Inventory Control

Cost Control – Better Resource Utilization – On time Delivery – Profits

Improved visibility and control
Workflow driven approach – eliminate deviation from set processes
Track WIP in real-time
Much better prioritisation of tasks
Customize the solution to any degree to match your exact requirements
Eliminate human error and wastage
Exhaustive report generation capability
Low implementation time
Improve your operational efficiency
Improved productivity, typically by up to 20%
Significant business growth in profit, without any additional investment
Improved order fulfilment, hence increase in sales by up to 10%
Ensures on-time delivery
Reduction in operational expenses