Benco Thermal Technologies Private Limited (Benco Group)


Customer Benco Thermal Technologies Private Limited (Benco Group)
Region Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Industry Manufacturing of Customized Electrical, Oil & Gas Furnace and Heat Treatment plants
Type Desktop Application
Engagement Model Dedicated Team
Duration 2018 – 2019
Staff 3 Application Developers, 2 Report Developers
Platform Desktop
Technologies Axpert Tool , Oracle , Delphi Fast Report ,


The Project include development of ERP System for 4 Companies in Benco Group for tracking of transactions and objects related to them in terms of Manufacturing, Design, Production, Stock Transfers & Administrative requirements.

  • Benco Thermal Technologies Private Limited
  • BG Furnaces India Private Limited
  • Total Heat Treatment Solutions Private Limited
  • Kohnle Heat Treating Systems Private Limited


Itech took over the development by observing & studying the current system current flow, function, functionality, GAP and current needs. The challenge was to build a new ERP system by combining the manual system and system flow of exact need on Vendor & Customer management, Inventory, Production & MIS and import the Item Data from Tally to erp. Each of the modules had to be scalable and subject to be adding new requirements & features upon customer request.

Our Solution

The ERP Core allows for easy change depending on the business & customer needs. This may include the following features

Purchase management
Inventory management
Design management
Project management
MRP Planning management
Production management
Work Order management
Sub-Contract management
Quality Control management

Sales management
Approval Process
Service management
Tax management
Export report to PDF & XL
To-do List
Print Formats


Specific Features

Unique proposal based on MIS for management


Itech developed & implemented the customized ERP system with best solution & better technologies for entire group.
The Project ended successfully and fulfil customer needs.
Customer satisfied with our solution & Gains benefits in short duration thru our product.