Max Solutions


Customer Max Solutions
Region Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
Industry Distributors of CCTV Products & Accessories
Type Desktop & Mobile Application
Engagement Model Dedicated Team
Duration 2012 – 2013
Staff 3 Application Developers, 2 Report Developers
Platform Desktop, Android
Technologies Axpert Tool , Oracle , Delphi Fast Report , Qlik View


The Project include development of ERP & CRM System for tracking of transactions and objects related to them in terms of Trading, Marketing, Servicing & Administrative requirements with multi-company and multi branches.
1. Max Solutions
2. Alert Security Mart


Itech took over the development by observing the manual system and manual records maintained by them, also observes the current flow, function, functionality and current needs. The challenge was to build a new ERP system by combining the manual system and system flow of exact need on Vendor Management, Customer management, Production & MIS. Each of the modules had to be scalable and subject to be adding new requirements & features upon customer request.

Our Solution

The ERP Core allows for easy change depending on the business & customer needs. This may include the following features

Accounts management
Purchase management
Inventory management
CRM Mobile Application Marketing management
Sales management
Approval Process
Service management

Tax management
Order management
Reports & Dashboards
Export report to PDF & XL
MIS Analytics Reports
To-do List
Print Formats


Specific Features

Unique proposal based on MIS Analytics for management


Itech Improved and implemented the ERP & CRM with better technologies
The Project ended successfully and fulfil customer needs
Customer satisfied with our solution & Gains benefits in short duration thru our product.